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What sorts of Gemstone and Crystal Jewellery does Global Contact Sell?

Global Contacts exclusive Gemstone Jewellery range is handpicked  and ethically sourced from various countries around the world  to ensure All Beings are well respected .

We are known for our extensive and often never-seen-before Rare Gemstone and Crystal Jewellery collection.

These ever changing bespoke jewellery pieces  consist of rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and brooches. They are set in either 925 sterling silver and various gold carat & in some cases plated settings.

We focus on quality. With our professional eye for detail our want is to ensure that each piece is distinctively unique & comfortable to wear, and that the beauty of nature radiates through and engages the senses.

We have served customers from every corner of the globe for 22 years with our exquisite gemstone Jewellery collections in which many remark “I have never seen a collection before like this in one store”.

Our Inspirational collections originate from Earth with Nature being the ultimate Alchemical Creator & Producer of Wonderous Beauty. 

There is usually a story behind each bespoke piece enabling you to connect with the LOve and Spirit imbued from the Craftspeople & Designers who created them.

We have a Hearts Desired Longing that You or Loved One you gift are adorned with Earths extraordinary range of raw natural colour along with many romancing hues in the hope of humanity opening further into Beingness. 

And that includes all Living Energetic Sentient & Mineral Beings: meeting their own various healing and metaphysical properties whilst radiating their unique magical, miraculous power force……. Just like You with your Spirit filled True Self!

We clean and polish each individual piece – cleansing it of any impurities or debris to ensure complete radiation of  its unique beauty. 

Our meticulously chosen Jewellery range includes these gemstones and crystal (also known as semi-precious stones) designed in various facets, cabochons, the new ‘raw’ look , or simply polished.

We also sell gemstones and crystals. (Read more about our gemstones & crystals)


As each jewellery piece is one of a kind – our range is constantly changing. Therefore we only display an example of our jewellery pieces on-line.

If there is there is a particular item you are looking for – please phone or email us to check – or better still visit our Berry Store


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