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Journalling – Ways to connect to what really matters…

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them”

Albert Einstein

Journalling is a wonderful way to sit and reflect about life and the universe in general. It provides a way to disconnect from our current way of thinking, & allows us time to “be” and connect (or reconnect) to our wise higher self (aka universal intelligence).

These days, for many of us, we spend very little time writing by hand. The pace of life has quickened since the arrival of the internet and  smart phone.

Writing in a journal literally helps our mind slow down – in order to be able to write the words on the page our thoughts can’t rush ahead and that in itself can create some space to see things a little clearer.

On the surface level journalling is a way to write down, review and clarify our thoughts, feelings, ideas, questions, challenges, daily life dramas, and to vent that which we’re not able (or game enough) to tell another person.

And it can offer much, much more when we chose to use it as a practice to listen to the higher wisdom which is within each of us.

There is no one way to do this, but we must be open to the possibility that it is possible!

How to start:

Find a quiet and comfortable space to sit down to write.

Put phone and electronic devices alerts to silent.

Take a few deep breaths.

Remind yourself that you are choosing this time to connect to a greater wisdom and understanding, and that you are prepared to let go of your story or fixed opinion on… (fill in the blank/s) and be open to a deeper awareness than your personal mind.

Ask yourself a question or questions that you would like clarity on, then write the questions in your journal.

Examples of questions:
What am I not understanding about this current challenge?
How do I deal with ….?
Assuming this is for the greater good – what is it I need to let go of?
What are the next steps to achieve….?

Then take another couple of deep breaths and sit quietly – not deliberately thinking – until you feel inspired to write. Some people find it helps to write in their non-dominant hand, others – with a different coloured pen.

It can also be helpful to combine journaling with using an Oracle card deck or reading sections from a spiritual book. Here are some suggestions how to do that:

How to incorporate an Oracle deck:
After you write down your question/s in your journal go to your Oracle card deck and pull a card (or a card spread) – then reflect and write in your journal on the cards meaning/message to you. If you wish – before or after writing in your journal you might chose to read the interpretations in the Oracle’s accompanying booklet. This might add further information/inspiration to write in your journal.

How to incorporate a Spiritual Book:
After you write down your question/s in your journal go to your chosen spiritual book and hold the book while telling yourself you trust that you will find inspiration on the page that opens – then open the book at random page. Your eyes will be drawn to the words that seem to stand out.
Start writing in your journal the information/inspiration which will flow through you.