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Ric | Master Palmist

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Ric is Australia’s Master Palmist. Over many years, he has read thousands of hands and conducted hundreds of workshops and courses for people from all walks of life.

Ric is unique in his Palmistry Readings because he uses both the amazing ability of Palmistry and the Power of your Mind to help you make effective and positive changes in your life. Changes such as improving relationships, attracting people and the things you desire into your life; discovering your true potential and helping you choose the path that can bring you self-fulfillment and happiness – and much more.

Palmistry and the Power of your Mind

Palmistry and the Power of your Mind are a natural combination. Palmistry is a science that is connected to your Mind. Just as your thoughts can change your life, so your thoughts can change the lines on your hands. It’s amazing that your experiences, thoughts and decisions throughout life show up on your hand.

As Ric reads your palm in his caring and understanding way, he will help you to live a fuller, happier life and to understand what you can truly achieve in your life journey.

Days Ric is at Global Contact:

Ric is at Global Contact  on Saturdays and Sundays.

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